Kiwi made for Kiwi businesses

eSalon is a good old New Zealand success story. From humble origins to a market leader and built just for you.

From humble beginnings…

eSalon’s story is just like that of many homegrown New Zealand businesses. It all started with a family owned salon in need of a little help. Times were changing, the salon was 6 years young and growing, and the same problems kept cropping up. They needed a better way of recalling what their clients purchasing history was, tracking sales and managing staff resources amongst other things.

So, it was time to consider what benefits a Point of Sale (POS) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system could bring. Having shopped around, nothing was quite hitting the mark. Already in the software game and with considerable expertise to draw on, founder John Punshon set to work designing a new system that fitted the salons needs. It was a labour of love for sure!


In the early days, eSalon was a no frills package. It was designed to be simple to use, have only the features needed and none of the clutter and difficulty of use other packages seemed to be burdened with. Immediately it was a success and brought a huge surprise no one was expecting… the salon takings sky rocketed! It seems a good POS system eliminated a lot more sales errors than expected.

12 years later, eSalon has evolved into the most feature rich and powerful software platform you could imagine. BUT, that initial simplicity of use has remained front and center of the design throughout. We knew it had to be intuitive and easy to use and the expanding array of features couldn’t get in the way of that. And the good news is, they haven’t!

Where to next?

We are continually working to improve eSalon. Our team of developers strive to stay ahead of the industry and continually chip away at the wish list. This wish list is driven by you, the salons, stylists, business owners and people on the ground. We listen to what you want, look at what we can do to make life easier for you and then figure out how to seamlessly slip it into the system.

Originally, eSalon was for salons to use. But today with online bookings, text reminders, confirmations, marketing campaigns and social media interfaces, it’s also your customers who using eSalon, even if they don’t realise it. So, we’re starting to implement more and more in the way of artificial intelligence and machine learning to keep this experience ahead of our competitors and drive your business to success.

Our business development team also work tirelessly to keep the cost of eSalon down so for you, it is the most cost effective package on the market and we’re committed to keeping it that way!

So, are you ready to join the eSalon family?