Appointment Book

Make bookings and schedule your day with ease.

eSalon’s fully featured appointment book let’s you have as many of your staff available as you need, and with the powerful rostering system built in, they will always be available at the right times, on the right days.

Utilise up to two columns per staff member to maximise booking flexibility.

eSalon Appointment Book

Manage From Anywhere

With our easy to use app, you can manage your appointment book from anywhere in real time.

Chat directly with your customers through the built in SMS interface, make bookings, see what is happening in your day, extend that lunch break or whatever else you need to. All from the convenience of your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Online Bookings

Exceed customer expectations with our online booking platform.

Your customers expectations are different to what they used to be 5 years ago. Our research and experience shows that if your business doesn’t have the facility to book on line, your customers won’t call you. Instead, they will go elsewhere.

Our platform is the most flexible out there. Trust us! No other platform can touch it for ease of use, flexibility and convenience.

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Computer Systems

Lease your computer system from us

Appointment Book

Make bookings and schedule your day with ease

Online Bookings

Allow your customers to submit online bookings requests


Send reminders and notices to your customers & receive replies

Salon Marketing

Professional & easy to use email templates with guaranteed delivery

Point of Sale

Process your sales and eliminate pesky errors

Client Records

Manage your customers and see their historic records in a glance


Staff time sheets, sales reports, product reports and much more


Built in, flexible customer loyalty program



eSalon has revolutionized our business. In the early days it was all about eliminating bad hand writing in a paper appointment book and on client cards. But over the years, we’ve started using more and more features like EFTPOS, online bookings and text messages. We just couldn’t run a serious business without a package like this these days.

Mel, Turning Heads